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7 Clever Productivity Apps to Help You Get More Done

7 Clever Productivity Apps to Help You Get More Done

The productivity apps you didn’t know you needed.

Dealing with technology is a tricky business: One minute you’re breezing through your work like a boss, and the next you’re getting sucked into the black cavernous hole of (wonderful) doom that is Buzzfeed. Sure, unplugging is a great way to get more done, but there are plenty of ways you can turn the tables and use all of this technology stuff to your advantage.

Here are 7 clever productivity apps you’ll wonder what you ever did without:

1. Clear

Clear is the best to-do list app like, ever. Not only is it extremely user-friendly, but pretty too. Create multiple lists for things like work, shopping, and personal goals, pull down your list to type in a new item, swipe right to delete what’s done, and shake your phone for the option to email your list. Bam.

2. Timeful

You know that thing where you know you want to make changes, but you have no clue where to start (like, at all?). Timeful can totally help you with that. It’s a calendar/to-do list hybrid: The algorithm tracks how you roll through your day and offers productivity suggestions as you go along to help you accomplish more in less time.

3. Rescue Time

One of the first steps in becoming more productive is to track exactly how you spend your time, and using Rescue Time on both your computer and mobile devices will help you do just that. The app quietly runs in the background, and tracks where and how you spend your time, then sends you detailed reports so you can make the necessary adjustments.

4. Pocket

Save articles, videos and web pages on Pocket you don’t have time to read, but want to sink your teeth into later. Truly a procrastinator‘s best friend.

5. Checkmark

Just because you have to stop at the grocery store to pick up a key ingredient doesn’t mean you’re going to remember once you’re actually driving past the store—but Checkmark will. Set up your reminders based on time and location and free your brain for other things.

6. Fast Customer

Sometimes so-called “customer service” lines leave you on hold for so long that by the time the call’s over your hair has turned grey. (Kidding. Sort of.) Tell the Fast Customer app which customer service department you want to reach—it will dial behind-the-scenes for you, and only ring your phone once there’s an actual human on the other end of the line. Genius, no?

7. Brewster

Brewster is the ultimate app to house your contact information: It consolidates all of your contacts from your e-mail accounts, phonebook, and social media accounts. Once compiled, it updates in real time so you never have to worry about outdated contact info.

What are your favorite productivity apps?

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