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5 Unique Spa Treatments That Target the Mind, Body and Soul


When you think of spa treatments, does your mind quickly turns to images of a simple back massage, a pedicure or a facial?

These therapies are tried and true and most certainly relaxing, but these days, integrative health techniques have expanded beyond the usual and are far more diverse, condition-specific and effective than ever before. So, why not try them out?

The mind and body are intertwined and what affects one will indubitably affect the other. Physical spa treatments often have an impact on the psyche, improving mental clarity, reducing stress and eradicating mind fog.

Here are 5 unique spa treatments that you should consider next time you need some R&R; these are therapies that not only relax the body but also improve the mind.

1. Tok Sen

This centuries-old therapy is a Northern Thai practice developed by Buddhist monks. It involves the rhythmic tapping of a wedge with a wooden hammer on the body’s various Thai acu-points. The therapy invokes a healing vibration that deeply impacts the fascia and muscles across the body.

2. Color & Light Wrap With Aura Imaging

A spa therapist uses special light-sensitive photography to find your aura. After the photo, you relax whilst the therapist applies an exfoliating and detoxifying clay body wrap. Music, light, heat and aromatherapy work together to balance the senses and the body. When all is said and done, another aura photo is taken to identify the resulting change.

3. Naga

This massage treatment is truly in a league of its own. Naga evolved from the Thai Massage to release tension, balance and harmonize the body. To perform naga, a therapist suspends herself above your body with the help of colored silk strands hanging from the ceiling. The therapist wraps her arms in the silk strands and supports her body while she using her feet to massage, stretch and apply pressure by shifting her weight. It makes for a better-controlled massage that allows for deeper muscle work.

4. Feldenkreis

The Feldenkreis method is a somatic educational system that involves therapeutic movements that retrain your body to move in easier and more pleasurable ways, allowing for improved mind and body function. The method is based on the principles of physics and biomechanics and improves movement patterns rather than treats specific injuries or illness. Enthusiasts claim that the Feldenkreis method trains the nervous system to find new pathways around areas of damage.

5. B.E.S.T

B.E.S.T. may be the best thing since sliced bread, only much more metaphysical. B.E.S.T. stands for Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique. It is a physical but non-forceful energy-balancing procedure that reestablishes the full healing potential of the body. B.E.S.T. therapists touch certain pressure points in a specific sequence while having you think about memory stress. The result is that the body learns to re-communicate with the bran and ultimately strengthen your health, balance and sense of well-being.

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