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5 Summer Pieces to Wear When it’s Too Darn Hot: Friday Finds


Summer has arrived. I am currently in a state that normally doesn’t hit 90 degrees until July or August, and guess what? It reached 98 degrees today. On days like this it’s important to dress cool. So, I’ve rounded up 5 summer pieces that will help keep your body cool and looking good when it gets too damn hot outside.

Summer pieces that are white should be worn when it's hot.

1. Mini dress

The mini dress is the classic summer go-to item for good reason. It shows a lot of skin and because of this classic’s wonderful, airy quality, it allows you to cool down easily. This mini dress is a light color, which is always desirable on hot, sunny days. It also features an attractive v-neck, criss-cross sides, and a partial-open back. It’s lined, too, so you don’t have to worry about wearing a slip underneath the frock. Priced at $108.

Summer pieces can come in cute, matching sets.

2. Beach set

It’s pretty nice that “fashion sets” have come back into style this past year. Their resurgence makes mixing and matching a breeze. This particular piece is perfect for a day spent outside. The outfit is light in color, and the shirt and shorts feature a loose quality that shows off curves without constricting your skin—important when sweat “just happens.” In addition to being loose, this set also features a scalloped trim and crochet throughout. Priced at $168.

Summer pieces that are dark work for nighttime outings.

3. Nighttime set

While this set looks just as comfortable as the above one, it is slightly sexier. And because this piece is black, it may be best to wear it after-hours once the sun has retreated. While this outfit shows a lot of skin—it features a criss-crossed pattern on the shirt’s back and around the short’s waist—each piece of this set doesn’t fit too tightly. Priced at $168.

Summer pieces are great for lounging on the couch, too.

4. Casual dress

Sometimes all you want to do on a hot day is veg-out on the couch. If you’d rather wear clothes while lounging—and we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t wear clothes at all—this loose, un-fitted day dress will do the trick. In addition to this dress’ fit, it also features a cute, criss-cross back and a light blue hue. Priced as $78.

Summer pieces should leave your feet free, too.

5. Open sandals

And let’s not forget how important it is to keep your feet free and cool in the summer. Because if your toes are covered, you feel the heat a lot more. That’s why we love these very open sandals. They feature two light ties—one lace, the other cotton—so you can switch them out to match your outfit. Priced at $118.

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