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5 Political Icons We’d Like to See Inspire Fashion Lines

We need these political icons to start fashion lines.

No one can deny that Bernie Sanders is a political icon.

His progressive viewpoints made many Americans feel engaged, invigorated and interested in politics. And even though he didn’t receive the democratic presidential nomination, he’s still loved by many.

So beloved, in fact, that Balenciaga, a French high fashion brand, honored the American senator’s presidential campaign at Paris Fashion Week.

That got us thinking—what other political icons should inspire fashion lines? We’ve got a few obvious—and a few not so obvious—suggestions.

1. Michelle Obama

Hello, obvious, but we can’t state how much we want—need—this to come true. Michelle Obama has an impeccable look that appeals to any woman who appreciates clean, smart fashion. Now, we know Mrs. Obama’s fashion line is far from happening—she’s got more important things on her mind (like sleeping in with her husband and running for office in 2020?). But we know if she gets around to it, this line would be impeccable.

2. Hillary Clinton

Say what you will about Hillary Clinton, but that woman knows how to work a pantsuit. Although Hillary and pantsuit used to be a punchline, even her haters have to admit that Hillary’s inauguration and concession pantsuits were amazing. My dream is that Hillary and Paris Geller, a fictional character and a pantsuit champion, get together and make the pantsuit brand every professional woman needs.

3. Barack Obama

I’m not sure if you’ve seen photos of president Obama lately, but he looks so chill. He’s wearing a backwards hat, flip flops and a short-sleeve shirt—for real. Wouldn’t it be great if Obama collaborated and made a killer athleisure line? I know that men of all ages would love wearing presidential swag while hitting the greens on the weekend.

4. Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren has a lot of thoughts. A lot of awesome, progressive thoughts. Because of those thoughts, she may have many filibusters ahead of her during the next four years. So, wouldn’t it be great if she started a line of survival-wear? We’re talking electrolyte loaded, urine resistant survival-wear that will withstand the most intense debates. Heck, I think we all could use that kind of protection right now.

5. Ben Carson

Sorry, but we have to go for the obvious joke here. Although Carson may not be a political icon, he needs to embrace his natural abilities and start selling sleepwear. Our guess it that he spends most of his time in bed or asleep, so he’s the man to know, or… ahem… wake up, to find out what the best, most comfortable sleepwear is.

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