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5 Hot Summer Shorts and Halter Tops: Friday Finds


The thought of wearing pants sounds torturous now that summer has arrived. Heck, even a t-shirt seems like too much. To help you keep your stems and… vines? I think that’s an acceptable term for arms… free this summer, we’ve rounded up 5 summer shorts and halter top combinations.

Summer shorts can be worn with a swim halter.

These summer shorts are perfect for lounging.

1. Lounge shorts and swim halter

While I love going outside and exploring on super hot, summer days, I also love sitting indoors while reading and drinking a tropical IPA. The outfit above is perfect for just that occasion. The shorts are more attractive than typical lounge shorts—meaning you could wear them outside without feeling embarrassed ($48). And although the halter top is technically a swim top, it could easily be worn when you’re not by the pool ($68).

Summer shorts pair well with simple halters.

Summer shorts also can be skirts--really.

2. Short skirt and simple halter

Shorts that look like skirts are kind of awesome. You can wear them on windy days and don’t have to cross your legs when you sit. See? A win-win. We like this short skirt because of its subtle embroidery that sits along its waist ($88). And this halter is as simple as can be—which makes it the perfect pairing for these shorts. We also like its loose fit—great for hot days ($78).

Summer shorts and colorful halters are cute.

Summer shorts are better when they are cut offs.

3. Cut offs and crop halter

This is probably my favorite combination of the bunch—the shorts‘ vintage-inspired look is incredibly cute. I love these cut offs’ cuffed hems and their mid-rise fit, too ($108). And I love this top for the same reason—because it’s vintage-inspired! Also: its variety of colorful knit doesn’t hurt, either ($79).

Summer shorts and halters go together.

Summer shorts that show booty are a-OK.

4. Booty shorts and smocked halter

If you like showing a little cheek, then you’ll love wearing these booty shorts. We love these shorts’ scalloped trim and tiny side-button closure ($38). And with shorts like this, the halter you wear should be simple and flirty. We love the above white halter because of its cut and smocked, elastic band ($68).

Summer shorts and loose shirts are comfortable.

Long summer shorts are a must-own.

5. Long cut offs and loose halter

It’s always smart to have a pair of longer shorts in your closet for days when you don’t feel like showing a lot of leg. These shorts fit close to the body and also have a high-rise ($88). And when you’re wearing such a close-fitting pair of shorts, you can compliment their fit with a loose-fitting shirt ($68).

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