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5 Beautiful Dresses (and a Jumpsuit) for Fall Brides: Friday Finds

fall bride wedding looksSpring and summer brides know what to wear. There are a million Pinterest boards dedicated to it! But fall brides? We’ve got to research—or rely on our personal style… that’s what I did! While I’m no wedding expert, I’ve gone ahead and compiled five wedding looks any fall bride will fall in love with.

Fall brides can wear jumpsuits with ease.

1. Unconventional wedding jumpsuit

If you want to forgo the entire wedding dress concept altogether, do so with confidence by investing in this on-trend white jumpsuit. This piece is great for cooler climates—basically, your legs won’t freeze off—but still looks incredibly sleek. We’d pair this jumpsuit with a warm-hued cape—something in burnt orange or burgundy—and a pair of tan, closed-toe platforms. Minimal, modern-looking ’70s jewelry is a must.

For fall brides who like classic looks.

2. Flowing, full-coverage dress

Want a full-coverage but still captivating look? This rose-blush dress is a great pick. We adore its flowing silhouette, belt embellishment, and slight, plunging neckline. This dress also is a great pick if you’d rather forgo wearing a cape or jacket, but still want to keep your shoulders warm. Wear with classic nude-rose stilettos, gold choker, and delicate, rose gold earrings. Priced at $400.

Fall brides can look elegant.

3. Two-piece wedding set

If you’ve got a little extra bank, this unique, elegant, two-piece skirt and shirt combo is a great choice. It’s another full-coverage piece—it will keep the chill off—but still looks like a dress from a wedding fairytale. The flowing skirt is, obviously, the star of this outfit. We love its delicate, layered look (priced at $1,775) and how it effortlessly blends with this ensemble’s subtle, but stunning top (priced at $280). Pair with satin kitten heels, and subtle, sparkly, princess jewelry.

For fall brides who love the woods.

4. Wood nymph autumn wedding dress

If you’re an alternative bride who wants to reflect the rich, fall colors that surround you and your family on your special day, consider wearing this deep green dress. This dress’s beauty is obvious at first glance, but its details—the sheer material and delicate detailing—that makes it stand out. We’d pair this woodsy dress with deep brown booties, or thigh-high, lace-up boots. Wear with an exaggerated floppy hat—black or deep brown—instead of a veil, and get ready to make a unique fashion statement. Priced at $198.

Fall brides can dress like witches if they want to.

5. Witch queen

And we’ve arrived at what I’m wearing (yes, I’m getting married!). I hadn’t planned on wearing black on my Halloween wedding, but once I saw this dress, I knew I had to click ASAP. I love this look because it’s slinky, sexy and comfortable. Say what you will about well-fitted dresses, but the loose fit of this dress is going to be incredibly welcome after I’ve consumed some cava and pizza on my wedding night. I’m pairing this piece with delicate, fishnet tights, knee-high boots, and a faux fur jacket Marc Bolan would be jealous of. Priced at $148.

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