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4 Ways to Create a Clean Space to Take You to Your Happy Space

Make your vanity a calm, clean space.

Alright. Admit it. Your workspace and your vanity are total messes. I am constantly cleaning off each of these surfaces in my home.

Since I have to do it so much, I used to just clean these spaces for cleaning’s sake and forget about it… until the inevitable clutter overtakes each surface again, and I have to recreate my clean space. Lately, though, I’ve begun to make these spaces more enjoyable… glamorous, even.

It’s pretty easy to spice up these aggravatingly cluttered spots and turn each into a unique, fun, clean space. Here are a few tips:

1. For the vanity: Keep all your jewelry in a vintage glass box and makeup in see-through containers

Not only will you items remain dust, makeup, and grime-free, the pieces will also look much more fancy than they probably are.

Whether you decide to display nail polishes, lipsticks, or sparkly shadows, these boxes will display your vibrant hues of choice. Also: a bonus — they are stackable.

2. For the vanity: Make a two-story organizer

Beauty High recommends taking two old plates and a candleholder to craft a two-story holder. It’s perfect for holding lotions, brushes, and more in the bathroom.

3. For the office: Flowers

Nothing brightens up a room more than a fresh bouquet of flowers. I always feel like I’m treating myself when I refresh my office vase. I live in the Midwest, so my options for sustainable flowers are limited, (I tend to buy from Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods). But if you live in a warm climate, hit up your local farmers’ market for environmentally-friendly blooms.

4. For the office: Old relics of yesteryear

My favorite officemates are my Garfield phone, Rainbow Brite figurine, and my sparkly unicorns. For real. I surround myself with candles and sparkly lights as well. While anyone who comes into my office may mistake me as a pre-teen, I don’t care. I feel at home and really relaxed when I look at all my dorky stuff.

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