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24 Last Minute Beauty and Wellness Gifts for Guys and Gals

Last Minute Beauty and Wellness Gifts for Guys and Gals

Last minute holiday shopping? Aren’t we all. No worries, there are plenty of beauty and wellness gifts any gal or guy will love.

Seems like each year, no matter how good our intentions, we end up having at least a few last minute items on our gift list. Unsure of what those special recipients would love? Give the gift of beauty and wellness.

There are certain products we buy ourselves. Those we must have. Our daily essentials. And then there are those items that are fun to give, just because. You don’t have to break the bank (but you can splurge if you want to) to give something luxurious and healthy.

Let’s see what may be under the tree for those on your shopping list.

Beauty and Wellness Gifts for Gals

Last Minute Beauty and Wellness Gifts Aster + Bay Glow Body Serum

1. Aster + Bay Glow Body Serum There are facial serums and there are body lotions. But a body serum? Now we’re talking! Give a gift that makes any woman feel like a princess, inside and out.

2. Lina Hanson Satori Perfume Oil Scent can be a tricky gift to give. It is seriously tough to go wrong with this intoxicating scent. Any girl will love it.

Last Minute Beauty and Wellness Gifts Flowers In Her Hair Rinse

3. Flowers In Her Hair Rinse A present that restores health to hair in dry winter months and is as lovely as it leaves her locks. Made of fresh flowers and herbs, it’s beauty in a bottle.

4. Flower Crown Hair Nectar A sweet little spritz that restores shine and luster to hair, and leaves her smelling like a field of fresh flowers.

5. Olivine Atelier Love + Roses Mini Beauty Mist  A beauty editor hit for good reason. Use this lovely spritz to revive skin, soften hair, and induce a dreamy state of mind.

6. Butter Elixir The cult beauty hit made by yogis, but she doesn’t have to be one to use it. Simple, straightforward oil combo that feels nothing but luxe.

7. Butter Elixir Lip A treat for lips fit for the season. Spicy chai tea is the inspo behind this pretty pucker enhancer.

8. W3LL People Bio Brightening Stick This beauty will get her glowing. Perfect for the office, going out at night, laying on the couch through the weekend… Hey, who doesn’t love dewy skin no matter what they are up to?

9. Moon Juice Beauty Dust You’ve heard that true beauty comes from the inside? This stuff is living proof. Supports skin, hair, and nails naturally.

10. Habit Nail Polish This rad nail polish line contains myrrh to help strengthen nails. Talk about a holiday-worthy beauty product. There’s also a wide selection of amazing colors to choose from. Suggestion: You really can’t go wrong with Belle De Jour, a modern nude that looks great on everyone.

11. Mai Couture Blush Papier Booklet How cool are these blusher sheets? No washing brushes or fingertips post application. A quick tint at the ready, even on the go. Choose from seven hot shades.

Last Minute Beauty and Wellness Gifts Lucy Annabella Bergamot & Palmarosa Aromatic Candle

12. Lucy Annabella Bergamot & Palmarosa Aromatic Candle Deck the halls in citrusy floral scent. This all natural candle gives off a warm aroma completely free from headache inducing synthetic fragrance. Home-friendly perfection.

Grooming and Wellness Gifts for Guys

13. The Konjac Sponge Co. Pure White Konjac Big Body Buffer Sponge Something he likely won’t buy himself, this baby will slough and smooth him to silky perfection.

14. Sans [ceuticals] Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil Guys like to take care of their skin just like us women. Ok, maybe not just like us. A multi-use product means they are more likely to partake in the goodness of this oil blend.

15. EiR Sport Balm Sore muscles, wind burned skin, sunburn from hitting the slopes… A tin of this therapeutic balm will help soothe his achy woes.

16. Black Chicken Remedies Love Your Body Oil Another great head to toe oil. This guy smells like sandalwood, bourbon, and patchouli. Man-friendly.

17. Four Sigma Foods Sport Herbs Up his game with this healthy sports drink. Made with a handful of healthy herbs, it is also vegan and gluten free.

18. Urban Moonshine Energy Tonic Give him moonshine sans the hangover. This healthy tincture boosts energy and helps protect against the effects of stress.

Last Minute Beauty and Wellness Gifts Mauli Rituals Sacred Union Scent and Dry Oil

19. Mauli Rituals Sacred Union Scent and Dry Oil If you really want to splurge on your guy, give this super cool bottle of dry oil. He can get his skin hydration on in the best way possible.

20. Beard Buddy Beard Oil Since lots of guys have beards these days, get your man a decent whisker wrangler.

21. Lucy Annabella Spearmint & Lemongrass Aromatic Candle A little something to spice up his office or space. This minty lemon candle gives a clean and fresh.

Gifts for Him & Her to Share

Last Minute Beauty and Wellness Gifts Amala Detoxifying Bath Crystals

22. Amala Detoxifying Bath Crystals Bath salts are not only great for both guys and gals, but they can use them at the same time. A tub for two.

23. Honore des Pres Nu Green You know how some couples start to dress alike? This uni-scent goes either way, no problem.

24. Beautea Bar Tea Bar Tea for two at Netflix time? What a lovely idea. Beautea Bar has such a fun selection of organic teas. Now all you need is biscuits.

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