TV hits and misses: We predict the 2018-2019 season

Let's get this over with: We blew it last year in predicting that ABC's reboot of "Roseanne" would flop. But in our defense, the cast's appearance at last year's upfronts was incredibly awkward and did the opposite of building confidence in the show's return. (So, really, read on!)

We empathize with advertisers that must predict a full three months outand in some cases, a half a year outwhich shows to bet on. But that's how TV works, and while there continues to be fewer and fewer trailers for us to assess during May's dog-and-pony show, it's a tradition that prevails. So we're going to take some educated guesses and predict which crop of next season's shows will live beyond their freshman runand which do not stand a chance.


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